Bloated Tummy, I Banish Thee

Rise and shine! Another lovely day ahead, and hopefully, another lovely week! I have been feeling much better lately in terms of my body. These past couple of months have been stressful and it did take a toll on my exercise regimen.

Mind you, it wasn’t that I fell completely behind and didn’t exercise at all. Of course I did my morning yoga and meditation, but it felt like the stress I was experiencing kept me from fully enjoying myself, and you know how important this is to me, so of course, I missed feeling my best. And on top of that, my body felt it. I felt stiffer and less flexible, and it was harder for my mind to turn off all those racing thoughts. If you’ve ever had a stressful period, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Anyways, of course I never stopped exercising. After all, yoga has helped me so much and if you practice it, I’m positive you’ll know of its amazing benefits. I am immensely grateful for the day I first started practicing yoga! But, as I was saying, stress did take its toll, and even though it slowed me down a little bit, I never gave up and kept going. Please remember to do the same, no matter what!

It did, however, affect my digestion. As you know, your tummy reacts to everything going on within you, so when you’re under stress it will react to send you a message that you need to change something in your life.

I noticed this tummy discomfort early on, but I didn’t know what caused it, I thought it must be some reaction to something I’ve eaten, or even dairy. I even suspected my local coffee shop of putting dairy milk in my coffee instead of soy, even though I get my coffee there every day and they know how I take it. But as it turned out, it wasn’t any food, it was stress.

Being in this situation was not comfortable at all and I came to appreciate my toilet a lot during these weeks, high score on for sure. I was still doing my favorite yoga flows, but, still, my tummy didn’t seem to be in the right place. It then dawned on me that I should probably focus on the abdomen area only, instead of the whole body, so I started doing more digestion-relief poses and less hip-opening, and I found that it helped me a lot!

It did take a couple of weeks to get more results, though – you need to be diligent with this, and definitely do them often. My routine was the following: meditation and sun salutation flow, followed by the sequence of digestion-relief poses; then, in the evening, variations of my favorite nighttime yoga flow (I don’t do these every single night, but I change them up depending on what part of the body I feel I need to stretch that day), and of course, the digestion-relief sequence once again!