Author: Lauren

A Handy Education

The word, calm, is appropriate for my blog as I value this state of being. It means being in control of the world around you, although people are not always included. It means coping with adversity and taking advantage of possibilities. But lest I start to get too profound, I am also on a quest…

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My Favorite Poses

One of the great things about yoga is that there are lots of different poses. There are poses for every part of the body, for relaxation and for energizing yourself, to stretch and to promote healing. I’ve heard that there are thousands of poses if you count variations. That’s a lot! Like most other yoga…

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Why Yoga with Animals?

Despite being an ancient practice, yoga also can be very trendy. You’ll find right now that there are a lot of classes offered that involve animals. They happen for a variety of reasons, too. The big question is, why? And should you try it? The first type of yoga that I’d heard of that involved…

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