A Handy Education

The word, calm, is appropriate for my blog as I value this state of being. It means being in control of the world around you, although people are not always included. It means coping with adversity and taking advantage of possibilities. But lest I start to get too profound, I am also on a quest to improve my home environment. I am grappling with home repairs and how I, like any handyman, can do the jobs needed by myself. This kind of ability will make me calm and secure that I can handle most anything that comes my way, from an over-zealous water heater to repairing a broken cabinet door. If I need to use a tool, then so be it.

As far as the water heater goes, I found the repair very interesting. The tankless style means an entirely different process is involved, which I learnt after reading about how tankless water heaters work. I thought a leak, for example, meant welding a big huge tank to patch a hole. Not so. I was glued to the computer screen watching YouTube videos. Thank goodness for them, as it was a complicated endeavor dealing with the thermostat. There is no conventional dial. I watched over and over until I got the hang of it. You have to know how to program simple settings and undergo a bit of trial and error in finding just the right water temperature for your house. You also can control output or volume in the same way. You learn what you are using on a regular basis and try to avoid over production and an unnecessary use of electricity. After mastering the task, I felt strong and proud of my success.